About Prasaar:
Prasaar takes immense pleasure in introducing a chapter of discussion for general public interests. Indus valley Civilization or Harappan Civilization or Sarasvati Valley Civilization, as we have come to know of has been termed as the Cradle of Human Civilization on Earth.

Prasaar likes to reveal some visible facts- on- ground and take the discussion regarding the origin and expanse of the Civilization to the next level.

With the aid of Satellite Images available through Google Earth and Maps, some topics of discussions are being put up before the General Public and the intelligencia to scientifically ascertain the missing links in the major discoveries and findings running into the age old Civilization.

We at Prasaar believe that the visible study through these maps and Images, as available through Google, etc are and excellent means to talk on some MEASURABLE GROUNDS.

We, at Prasaar, take immense pleasure in introducing a series of chapters dissipating knowledge about 'Land Grids'.

Know more by reading following chapters :
  Chapter 1: "Chaks of Harappa and the Visible Grid"
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