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Chapter 1: "Chaks of Harappa and the Visible Grid"
This chapter is one such attempt to collectively find out the answers to our questions and also to put forth new questions towards the unknown parameters of thus Urbane Civilization of the past.

1. Slide 1 clearly shows the Chaks around Harappa, Square grid: 335m x 330m, or 1000mx 900m, or say 13.4m x 12m, but kindly see and measure for yourself the diagnols that have been worked out @ 1.5x the side dimension. A nice work towards the Grid.
2. The Grid is Grand as it spreads all around and even upto the Indian Borders.
3. The Grid in India continues with a different variant in India, ie, 1000m x 1000m, or for that matter 250m x 250m.
4. The Grid is Unique and very unvariantly oriented North- South.
5. There seem to be no mistakes either.
6. All chaks are located well within the grid. In the Corners of the Grid mostly.
7. All Chaks are invariably HISTORICAL.
8. All Harappan Sites mostly fall within or adjascent to the Chaks.
9. The Diagnol lines/lanes are also reminders of a well worked Grid.
10. The discussion may take us to innumerable dimensions of thoughts and possibilities.
11. It may hieghten the prospects of the Search towards the History, the Common History of India and Pakistan.

The Objective of Prasaar is to only initiate and anchor the Discussion and if possible lead the way to the introduction of these basic topic into the Textbooks.

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